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Eliza CULEA , London’s Bishopsgate

London’s Bishopsgate

Spring 2009
Space Speculation Master Class
Institut Superieur d’Architecture ‘La Cambre’ – Bruxelles, Belgique
in collaboration with Filipa Castelao(PT)
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 London in the 21st century:  One of the main economical engines of the world, capital of a world’s superpower and all-time magnet of immigration. Its heart -THE CITY – is an overwhelming congregation of creative business people spinning for better or worse the world’s finances. Just next door, bordering several boroughs, lives the ‘other face’ of development: low-skilled immigrants in impressive numbers, clustered in communities, fighting unemployment, child poverty, social seclusion and the eternal push of gentrification. Their life is an eternal exploitation that goes round and round, from the Asian-child driven factories of our favorite pair of sneakers, to being used as guinea-pigs to target the next areas for economically viable redevelopment in our western cities, such as our very own Bishopsgate.


This project is born from the pressures of gentrification and wishes to explore flexibility in architecture relating to program and to an array of multicultural users. The program is split into three different scales, ranging from the residential to the commercial, which are in constant renegotiation of space. The tower grows when needed and shrinks when it becomes in part obsolete. It searches to adapt to the cyclical nature of both society and economy, between their endless cycles of change. It also wishes to be a bastion of multiculturalism in a city that has thrived from the experience of the foreigners for more than 10000 years.

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Bishopsgate Stand Plan