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Eliza CULEA , Mowgli’s Box

Mowgli’s Box

Spring 2009
RDM studio class
Institut Superieur d’Architecture ‘La Cambre’ – Bruxelles, Belgique
Finalist in the Longchamp Domain children’s play area competition
in collaboration with Alexandre Van Dongen(BE), Mauro Vincitore(BE)
As children, we have an extraordinary ability to use every experience to nouris our refference system we have on the world. Kids nowdays learn most of the time from our man-made asphalt. The artificial is dominating everyday life, making any contact with the reality of nature crucial. Make the most of our time in the ‘tame wild’ was the starting point of this project, envisioned by the client as a haven from the rain and a play area. The Longshamp Domaine offers a deep forest experience, which is why ‘Mowgli’s Box’ is based on the principle minimal nature impact with maximal senzorial effects.  Basically it is a box, an artificial container, that does not want to intervene in the natural order by becoming an obstacle on the ground. It is a parasite, hovering above the ground, clutching itself to the trees around much like missle-toe. It moves with the forest as the trees sway in the wind. It breaths with it as the walls are pearched and leave the fresh breeze pass. It also enjoys a special arial view of the forest, as the deep revene it overlooks drops down a full 15 meters. It is meant to give the little ones more than just the view, the endless exploitation of the visual sense of our society, more than just the sounds the forest makes, but also the chance to feel the movement of an entire ecosystem. They feel nature, just like Mowgli up in the trees, and get a larger view of the mechanism of nature.
Concept schetch, 3d model analysisMowgli's Box font viewMowgli's Box side view