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Eliza CULEA , Tourbillon – Dynamic Fields

Tourbillon – Dynamic Fields

16-29 July 2013

Dynamic Fields Workshop, Bucharest, Romania

team: Mihai Aostăcioae, Ioana Binică, Eliza Culea, Orsolya Gunthner, Irina Ilie, Katya Ivanova, Andrei Mitișor, Andrei Olteanu, Sarah Safaoui, Sabin Șerban


Within the context of the Dynamic Fields Workshop that took place in July 2013 in Bucharest, the task given was that of designing a surface that performs in a field of constant flow — in this case air. The challenge was finding a simple and effective operation that would alter static behaviors into performant ones. The base material with which we have started and finished our study is paper. Using the childhood experience in the art of Kirigami, we have discovered how cuts and folds can modify the behavior of a paper sheet from a simple plane into a responsive three dimensional surface.

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During the course of the research, the ‘fold and cut system’ was replaced by digital design and automated manufacturing, leaving us with the single and effective action of cutting. Through repetitive and alternative cuts applied on different geometries we have modeled multiple performance results and chose for our final presentation those shapes that offer two specific qualities — vertical performance combined with control. The gradual testing of the various shapes started with squares and went as far as interconnected spirals and each step has allowed us to fully comprehend the implications that the nature of the cut-line has on the final result. The project was therefore crystallized under the form of a large scale responsive surface to air flow that fully exhibits the potential and synergy between a simple action — cutting, a single material — paper, and digital technologies.